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Takedown Request

Please include any details about the takedown request here - why you want it taken down, if there are any special instructions (for example, if you want everything with a certain character tag removed), etc.
On each line, include a link to the relevant submission(s) you want deleted.
Include your personal gallery, wherever it is, if you are an artist. We'll need to verify you own the copyright to the submissions you're requesting for takedown. If you are a commissioner, include a link to the original posting.
Please be aware that takedown requests will only be considered if you are the legal copyright holder of the submission, or if you have the rights to said submission.
In order to help us understand the takedown request, please fill in the forms to the left as accurately and detailed as you can.
Takedown requests are NOT to be used in the case of submissions that may break site rules (please report them to us directly instead), or if the submission was posted by an owner of the rights.
Takedown requests should be used in the case of being an artist seeking the removal of your own artwork on Furtastic, a character owner requesting the removal of artwork featuring the character, a commissioner who has solely paid for the artwork in question, or a publisher seeking the removal of a publications or excerpts thereof.
For those wishing to file a comprehensive DMCA notice, please send all relevant documents to hi@furtastic.art.